Amy Nelson

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Autism Assembly - the New Coaltion of Autism Groups and Websites

The new initiative for working towards better rights and care for people with autism is the Autism Assembly.

The Autism Assembly is a way for all those involved in working for autism rights in education, therapies, treatments and the issue of a cure, can join together and show unity on the important issues.

The common goals are acceptance for autism, educating people about the reality of living with autism, and not seeking a cure for autism.

All members and groups will carry a banner on their site to show that they are a member, and the statement of unity which is "This website is part of the autism assembly, this is a coalition of members of the autistic community who share the common goal of seeking acceptance for those on the autistic spectrum, who aim to educate about autism, and who are not seeking a cure for autism. This is part of the global autism rights movement."

The issue of finding a cure for autism is one of the controversies within the autistic community. Most parents of autistic children support the finding of a cure and support groups such as can - Cure Autism Now and NAAR. However most of the adults with autism who are involved with groups on the internet, seem opposed to the idea of a cure, feeling that autism is a neurological difference that should be accepted and appreciated.

The autism rights movement should ultimately benefit and gain strength from having this coalition, it is a positive move forward for all involved.

If you are interested in the Autism Assembly please view the site at


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