Amy Nelson

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Protest at NAAR walk by member of Aspies for Freedom

A group that works for civil rights for autistics and those with asperger's syndrome had a protest against NAAR on Sunday.

Aspies for Freedom (AFF) - An organization dedicated to ensure civil rights for people on the autistic spectrum had a successful protest on Sunday at a walk for NAAR.

Aspies for Freedom is a non-profit organization, that aims to bring those with autism and asperger's together as a community, online and offline.

The protest was held to show that many of those with autism do not wish to find a cure, believing that acceptance is more important. There are advantages to have a neurological difference, and this neurodiversity can be welcomed and appreciated.

Joe Mele was the member who protested at the NAAR walk, more details on this can be viewed on the Aspies for Freedom website including pictures taken by Mr.Mele.

The next local group to be set up will be by Joe Mele himself, inspired by his positive response to his protest. The group will be for anyone with autism or asperger's in the New York area. He can be contacted by private message at the Aspies for Freedom site.


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