Amy Nelson

Sunday, October 10, 2004

New Petition to fight against Cure Autism Now going strong

A petition started by a group of adults with autism and asperger's syndrome to fight against the negative attitude of the Cure Autism Now foundation is doing very well. Those who have signed include the famous author with autism Donna Williams

The petition was started to highlight the negative attitude that can arise towards those with autism, one of the main causes of this is ignorance, and the mistaken belief that all autistics are waiting for a cure.

Many adults with autism feel that the use of phrases by charities such as Cure Autism Now, like "autism epidemic" and "life sentence" are damaging and detrimental.

By increasing public awareness it is hoped that there can be greater acceptance for people on the autistic spectrum, and respect for the individual.

It is felt by many members of the autism community that as Cure Autism Now focuses only on cure and prevention with its publicity and campaigning, it is denying the fact that so many people living with autism have a satisfying life and have no desire to be cured. Acceptance, respect and dignity are asked for, and the terminology of some charities takes that away.

Anyone interested in viewing or signing the petition can view it here -


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